DK Guitars

...unique guitars for extraordinary people


Welcome to DK Guitars

DK Guitars is a boutique acoustic guitar manufacturer in Ottawa Canada, that makes finest acoustic guitars.

Why DK Guitars:

  1. Each DK Guitar is a statement. It is also absolutely unique. No two guitars are the same. When you own a DK Guitar, it’s not just a guitar you play, but a one of a kind instrument that compliments your talent.
  2. We build with modern concepts for sound and appearance in mind, while always being careful to keep respect for guitar building tradition. We push the limits of tradition to bring guitars to a new level in how they look, and more importantly in how they sound. DK guitars are for musicians who applaud innovation and truly want a unique instrument.
  3. People call DK Guitars a piece of art that can create art. We call them a “ringing harmony” because see them as a lovely harmonious balance between nature and human creation.
  4. Our goals always are: tonal excellence, striking design, superb playability and distinctive DK Guitars personality.
  5. We don’t build guitars to make a living. We build them to make a difference.

Mutual Inspiration

We always pay attention to any comments that our customers make about their DK Guitars. It helps us to navigate our vision and come up with new ideas. We see this interactive process as a synergistic relationship. We strive to make DK Guitars that successfully bring the same level of inspiration to musicians as their magic playing brings to us.

We welcome input from our customers to help us build the guitar they truly want by choosing woods, the body size and more. At the same time we will make sure to build a DK designed guitar that fits you perfectly.

We never rush to have an instrument started or completed. Any new idea has to season and be in harmony with the overall design of an instrument and respecting the playing style of the musician.