...our story, our philosophy, our aspirations

Why would anyone decide to start building an acoustic guitar at the beginning of 21st century when there are so many good instruments on the market? Every master has his own story. So, what is in it for us?

Well, first of all – the guitar building is a passion for us rather than anything else. Why do we do it? Simple, – we love guitars and were always fascinated by what a talented musician can reveal out of this fairly simple instrument. We were also always intrigued with the difference in sound coming out of the best guitars we tried and heard. If you add to this puzzle the natural beauty of wood, which we adore, – you will probably understand how inspiration from nature and the great guitars of the past have put us on a quest to create guitars we are very proud of.

To build a guitar is not that difficult. Creating great guitars is. Controlling all the contributing factors, and making consistently fine guitars that accommodate the different tastes and styles of musicians is an art which all luthiers strive to be king of. We are proud of the concepts we use that do differ from the traditional guitar design. All DK Guitars have an original body shape, adjustable neck joint, bracing pattern and bridge design along with other innovations.

We do not build hundreds guitars per year and use only the best sounding and looking wood that we carefully select. All together this creates a sound, look and feel that we believe makes our guitars unique, and a joy to play. This is after all what most guitar players are looking for.

Musically yours

DK Guitars