With a tail string attachment, there is a relatively long segment of string under tension between the bridge and the tail. If the tail piece is small, the length of this string
segment becomes even longer.

This string segment has its own random resonance frequency. This means that these six small strings can start resonating in either a supporting role or a non-supporting role with the main sound pitch of the string when the guitar is played. This sound doesn’t have huge volume but with a sensitive guitar, it can be clearly heard.

To use this effect toward a better resulting sound, we came up with what we call Harmony Tuners. These little bone blocks that can slide along the strings are used to
tune the string segments between the bridge and the tail piece to the 6th harmonic of the open main string. Tuners are kept in place through the tension of the string; and the tuning process is surprisingly easy. As a result, these little strings produce tones that are a perfect 5th of the primary open strings and therefore make the entire sound
palette perfectly aligned.

Whatever you play now results in a very pleasant sound with great sustain and balanced overtones.

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