This was an idea of ours for sometime before we actually implemented it. There are two concepts combined into one solution: Pin-less strings’ attachment and more vibration energy transferred to the soundboard.

The first is simply an easy way to change strings. No falling pins; no hassles. It’s achieved by a special “locking plate” attached to the bridge plate inside the guitar. As
soon as you put tension on a string, it locks firmly keeping tight contact with the rounded bridge piece on top.

The second idea has much more meaning and influence on the sound. The way the main bridge element is designed allows for more contact length between the string and
the bridge. Instead of having only two points of contact (i.e. string’s attachment and the top of the saddle), the Sensa Bridge has a portion of the string going over the bridge. This creates a better sound transfer system and, as a result, better sustain, volume and overall sound quality.

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