Playing or just practicing with a guitar is often a one-on-one performance. It’s only you and your guitar. The best sound experience, however, is not usually from the player’s position, but rather from the listener who is in front of the player. After all, that is where the sound hole is aimed. We don’t think this is “fair”. Having a sound hole at the guitar’s side definitely helps the player to hear what is really happening, but then the projection of the guitar is compromised!

What if we combine the two? With this idea in mind we designed our side sound hole. Not that this is a completely new innovation but it is something you don’t see on other flat-top acoustic guitars. The result is what we really like: good projection and a vastly improved level of detail that the player can hear. This design also minimizes feedback when you play on stage, and provides a unique look and feel. It also adds the desired space to the sound board that makes it easier to achieve solid and full bass response — even with a smaller guitar size. It is also kind of fun to look inside the guitar and see all of its features.

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