Everyone who plays “traditional” acoustic guitars knows that with time the action goes up influencing the pliability and intonation. No matter what bracing pattern is used, the soundboard will arch in years due to the constant pull from the strings. The only option that traditional (glued) neck-joint leaves is to lower (sand-off) the saddle, …and then the bridge, … and then complete reset of the neck is a must. More and more guitar builders consider using bolt-on neck attachment design for easy maintenance.

Best sound, mechanical strength and ease to maintain were three major goals to achieve while designing this unit. We are happy with the result. This joint design allows for the height of the neck (action) to be adjusted within 5 minutes at any time, with no special tools and even without removing strings.

Another advantage of this design is that, since there is almost no heel on the neck, it makes it easy to reach out for any fret when you play, even without having cut-away guitar body shape. What it also gives us is a complete peace of mind while building the body of instrument. We know that when the time comes to assemble the guitar, we’ll have no problem with the action setup. Guaranteed!

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